Violet Forest // ⍣٭⋆⋆⍣


UX Design Technologist (2020-2018)

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I’m currently a full-time employee at Volkswagen Future Center Europe. I collaborate with UX designers and technologists to conceptualize and prototype UX solutions for autonomous vehicles in private and car-pooling situations.

The following includes some projects I have worked on:

AR + Computer Vision Mobile App (2018-2017)


I was hired to make a mobile app that can detect the shape of a heart candy & place augmented reality on top of it. This research had led me to experiment with openCVforUnity contour detection, color detection, and training a haar cascade for object detection. In the end I settled on using openCVforUnity contour detection to trigger ARfoundation’s pointcloud feature detection.

My research in computer vision has sparked my interest in machine learning and computer vision in general, and I am continuing my research with things like Google’s new open-source Mediapipe for handtracking, where I am collaborating on building an app to control open-source prosthetics with a mobile app. I am also interested in working with Google Coral.

***Please contact me for the password to see the AR demo as the project hasn't been released yet: info (at)

Kiosk Development (2018-2017)


The Avocados from Mexico Kiosk was an openCV-based Emotion Tracking game featured at SXSW 2017. It was done in-house independent contractor in collaboration with NEXT/NOW agency in Chicago.

The Red Wing Wall of Honor Kiosk consisted of a media-heavy double carousel of video clips, audio clips, and text for 50 different stories. The project was done in collaboration with the designers and creative directors of SOCIALDEVIANT, a creative digital agency in Chicago, Illinois.

Front-End Development (2018-2015)


I had the privilege to work in collaboration with the developers from agencies Someoddpilot and Branger Briz on the Patagonia Actionworks app.

I also worked with several other design studios in Chicago making desktop and mobile sites.

Experimental Web (2018)


A portfolio website made for Cara Ellison, game narrative designer / game critic.