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Personal Sketches

I like to do small experiments with technologies that spark my curiosity. Sometime its a visual curiosity, sometimes its a technical curiosity. Here is a selection of a few.







Trained a GAN with 600 images of emo selfies and tested face tracking on it.

Testing Face tracking on top of a face-mask.

YOLO object-detection, pose-estimation, and face tracking on footage and historical videos

Building a webmidi system to interact with Three.js sketches using fader/knobs.

Interactive visual/audio experience with three.js and tones.js **sound on (2017)

VR Experience created with Unity & vive controllers

VR experience with VRTK (above) & Google Glasses mobile app (below) created with Unity (2017)

Programmatically playing with particle systems and geometry in Unity3d. Audio by Moisés Horta.

Visuals made with Unity3d & ShaderGraph

Playing with lights, cookies, and the tree generator in Unity3d.

GLSL Shaders

I made some 3d abstract models in cinema4d, wrote some shaders, and threw them into an A-Frame scene. I also made a composition with the models in photoshop. Scanning the QR code brings up the Aframe website that the user can experience with Google Cardboard (video above).